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What a YES Vote Means for Tomorrow’s Primary Election

I wanted to reach out today to provide one last reminder that two proposed amendments to the Pennsylvania Constitution being considered by voters in tomorrow’s Primary Election. Unfortunately, primary elections are usually treated as a rather ho-hum event by the electorate. All too often it is seen as an occasion that draws only the hard-core political party faithful to the ballot box.

Saying YES on these amendments also means protecting the lives and livelihoods of the people in your community, supporting local and county control in the fight against COVID, and restoring a critical legislative check and balance on executive powers. I voted yes to give my neighbors a voice. Now it is voters’ turn to use their voices. Voters will consider the true intend of these amendments and join me in voting YES.

Lawmakers approved the two potential amendments to the Constitution designed to improve the way the state responds to future emergencies. One limits an emergency declaration to 21 days unless the General Assembly approves a longer duration. The other clarifies that the governor will not be able to unilaterally veto legislative action that ends the declaration, as Governor Wolf has done.

5/11/21 - Constitutional Amendments

The Department of State is responsible for drafting the questions in a way that is fair and easy to understand. However, the Wolf Administration has been widely criticized for wording the emergency response questions in a way that is deeply confusing and prejudicial. 

Nothing in these amendments prevents state government from being able to “respond to the dangers facing the Commonwealth” as some would like you to believe. Rather, the amendments simply prevent one person from unilaterally throwing tens of thousands of citizens out of work, barring children from school, and spending millions of taxpayer dollars.

Instead of taking the issue to court and delaying potential enactment of the amendments, lawmakers placed their faith in the people of Pennsylvania to make the right decision at the polls tomorrow. Before you go, I encourage you to learn more about what a YES vote means.

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